Why Friesian?

I guess the most common question I get asked is, ``Why is it friesian?''

To answer this you need to go back a few years, the credit going to a guy I was working with at the time (Godfrey Paul). There were a bunch of us out cycling around the country roads just outside of Canterbury. I was thinking of getting a new car, and quite liked the idea of a bright yellow SAAB 900 convertible. I said I thought it would look quite distinctive. Godfrey jokingly responded with, ``If you want distinctive, why not paint it friesian?''

And so the idea was born. Over the years the desire for friesian became stronger and stronger, until the time came to spec the Caterham. I asked the sales guy about a custom paint job. He replied ``no problem,'' but was still taken a back when I asked for friesian. Eventually the idea came out to paint it white and have stickers applied using the same technique/technology that is used to apply advertising to race cars.

I never did get the bright yellow SAAB 900 convertible, but one day...

I'm not the only person with a friesian car. Check out Tony Lovell's page. He lives in Massachusetts and has a friesian MX-5 -- though being American he calls it a Holstein Miata.

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