Kit Arriving in Van

This is the van that was waiting for me when I arrived at work on Friday, 7th November.  Rather than try and explain where I lived, and then wait for the delivery van to arrive, I decided the best thing would be to send Caterham a prepared fax of directions to Sun Microsystems, and have them arrive at my place of work. That way, the directions are simple and there's no waiting around at home for them to turn up. Turns out they were even better than expected as I arrived at work at 9am and the van was waiting for me!  A few minutes later, and we are outside of my house in Yateley. The delivery guy reversed the van up my drive and then together we unloaded the stuff into the garage and house.

Complete Knock Down (well, almost) in the Back of the Van

Incredibly the whole car fits neatly into the back of the van. Here you can see the body of the car, which is standing on the tyres, with the various boxes of the kits at the front of the van.  Unfortunately, Caterham were experiencing problems with the importing of the Ford Crossflows from South Africa at the time, and my engine was delayed 2 weeks as a result.